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Crazy Llama Farm is a state-of-the-art NFT collection of 1000 generated images of funny and wacky herbivores.
All image elements have been meticulously hand-drawn by our first-rate artist.
The collection includes eight original layers, as well as ten ultra-rare NFTs created specifically for the TON blockchain.

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Phase 1


— Beginning work on the project, gathering ideas for the attributes of the collection;
— Creating a small number of examples of the future collection;
— Creation of a telegram bot that will accompany our project at all the stages of development.
— Launch of presale on the GetGems marketplace and in our telegram bot at the most conservative prices.
— Launch of the advertising campaign and search for potential investors.
— Organization of AirDrop’s, NFT raffles.

(All funds raised at this stage will be spent on marketing and production costs)

Phase 2


— Finishing drawing of all 151 character attributes
— Generating a 10k collection with smart filtering of «boring options».
— Gradual minting of the collection in parts on the blockchain.
— Determination of rarity, rareness and rank for each NFT;
— Sending NFTs to all presale participants and contest winners.
— Listing the collection to the secondary market in parts (on the 1-2 largest marketplaces);
— Creating minigames for chat through the bot, rating calculation, reputation points, full-fledged entertainment for the community
— Organization of drawings, distribution of NFTs, tasks for the active part of the community, attracting the audience, increasing the project’s recognition.
— Providing drafts, early sketches of the future game.

Phase 3


— Adding the user wallet explorer feature to our private bot (all information about NFT, tokens and transactions)
— Making an information section in the bot on TON: exchange rate, useful resources, exchange volumes, transaction and price notification of Toncoin, etc.
— Development of our own Telegram game for our NFT owners. The gameplay will be done through a Telegram bot with a convenient and lightweight interface. The game will be a fun theme with crazy-lamas humor. RPG-type gameplay with a turn-based simplified system of battles and travel through sections of the world. The game will be able to increase the level, characteristics, buy materials and attributes in the cities, to perform a variety of quests, to hold championships with other players, explore the territory and much more.
— Inviting a game designer, tester, lore creator, token specialist, and additional IT developers to the team.
— Collaboration with promising projects, giveaway NFTs, discounts.
— Creation of a small closed group for testing the Alpha version of the game, joint discussion of development and weak points of the initial stage of the game.

(We plan to spend 80% of total profits solely for the development of the project and to cover costs, 20% will be distributed among the core team of the project.)

Phase 4


— The launch of the beta version of the game in the Telegram bot. NFT holders will receive their unique characters with increased characteristics.
— Creation of a private club for voting to improve the project, making important strategic decisions and distributing rewards.
— Additional improvements to our main bot. The goal is to make it useful and convenient for the entire TON community.
— Sale of game plots and the ability to build on them.
— Further improvement of the game mechanics and history of the world of crazy llamas. This process will go on all the time, because the game will not have a finished story, it will be constantly updated.
— And much, much more!

(The roadmap is not definitive and can be updated/corrected depending on the situation)

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